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Custom Calls

Willow Creek Custom Calls Stabilized box elder mallard call
Willow Creek Custom Calls Cocobollo Mallard call with stabilized box elder band
Willow Creek Custom Calls Cocobollo Specklebelly goose call
Willow Creek Custom Calls African Blackwood mallard
Willow Creek Custom Calls Hedge Mallard
From left to right: Hedge mallard, African blackwood mallard, Cocobollo Specklebelly, Coccobolo mallard (stabilized elder band), Stabilized California Buckeye Burl mallard.

Handmade calls are our specialty. We contiuosly build one of a kind calls from exotic woods, resin impregnated "stabilized woods", and Acrylic. Visit our custom calls and specials page to see a lineup of handmade calls and limited edition calls (some calls such as our cutdown mallard calls and cackler calls are always handmade and therefore not availabe other than what is posted or by special request).  Special requests are always appreciated. Contact us for information about having a one of a kind call built to your specifications. It is also possible to have a set of calls made or engraved for your buisness or organization as pictured bellow!  

Willow Creek Custom Calls, Ramsey Russell Duck calls
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